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Looking at the Cultural Practices and History of The Pique Shawnee Tribe

The Piqua Shawnee people principally reside in Alabama and are part of the larger group of Indian American tribes given recognition by the US government. They are part of the Shawnee people who are divided into six sections. Historical accounts show that the Shawnee tribe lived in the US Northeast for many years. Areas like present day Ohio, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Kentucky were originally occupied by the Shawnee tribe and other Native American tribes such as the Cherokee. The rest of this article highlights the history and the culture Shawnee Tribe.

Historical account of the Shawnee tribe

The Northeast region was administered by chiefs before to the arrival of white settlers. The area were ruled by bigger tribes who had lots of fighters. The Shawnee people in this case traveled from one spot to the other so as to stay away from confrontations with other neighboring Native American Tribes. The Shawnee people life turned to worse when European settlers came to America. The white settlers had superior weapon thus used force to grab their land.
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Though, the tribe did not give up their rights without a fight, they engaged Europeans in wars that lasted many years. Their numbers were greatly decimated because of the war and the diseases introduced by the European. The European settlers finally used a trust land in Oklahoma to settle the Shawnee tribe. Though, a big number of the tribe members remained in some of the states mentioned. Because of warring tribes and colonialists, members of the Shawnee group are known to have trekked toward New York so as to avoid confrontations with the other factions.
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Their numbers prior to white settlers' arriving

The Shawnee tribe was thriving in terms of population before the white settlers arrived. Due to wars with the Europeans, the members of the Shawnee tribe were reduced to 3500 according to census data. Presently, there are over 15,000 people who claim to belong to the Shawnee tribe in the US.

They are fundamentally English Speakers

Lots of people who believe are Shawnee by DNA only speak the English language due to the many years on close contact with the Europeans. Not many people know how to converse in Shawnee language; only a few older people understand it. Based on a number of studies undertaken, there is big possibility that the Shawnee language will cease to exist.

Shawnee People homes

Due to their nomadic lifestyle, the Shawnee tribe constructed simple homes or houses. Thick grass, hides, and tree barks are some of the materials employed to make Shawnee homes. Also, the houses were round in shape and aesthetically attractive.

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